Care and Maintenance

Each knife in the Sasaki collection includes a premium quality Japanese saya (sheath) embossed with the Sasaki logo. A pin lock secures this protective cover on the blade, keeping it safe when not in use.

Please hand-wash your Sasaki knives with warm water and a mild detergent.
Rinse and dry immediately.


To keep your Sasaki cutlery working at peak performance, we highly recommend using only a traditional sharpening stone to hone your knives.

  • Wet the stone and set it firmly and securely on a towel or other slip-resistant surface, running lengthwise away from you.
  • Keeping the blade at a 5-8 degree angle with the top surface of the stone, press it lightly down on the end of the stone closer to you, with the bolster butted up against the side of the stone.
  • Move the blade over the surface of the stone in a sweeping motion away from you, as if you are slicing a layer off the top. Simultaneously, draw the blade across the surface of the stone in the direction of the handle, so the edge makes contact with the stone from bolster to tip.
  • Make sure to keep the knife at the same angle, and maintain even pressure each time you run the blade over the stone. Repeat the process an equal number of times on both sides of the blade until the edge is razor sharp. Regularly rinse shavings from the stone for maximum results.
  • Wash knife in hot water and pat dry before use.

For average daily usage that creates minimal dulling of the blade, a light sharpening of about 3 cycles with a traditional sharpening stone before each use is all that’s needed to maintain a fine edge.

If you use your knife for more demanding food preparation tasks, a deeper, more extensive weekly sharpening is crucial to extend the life of the blade.